2nd Int. vetcamp Saarlouis 2014 – Career Orientation Days and Open Air Conference


Equine Program 7.-10.8. / Small Animal Program 14.-17.8.

vetnowledge / Bei der Taffingsmuehle 1 / D-66740 Saarlouis-Picard / Germany

vetcamp opening

Prof. Rene van den Hoven is opening the 1st int. vetcamp Saarlouis

Welcome to the vetcamp Saarlouis / Germany – the worldwide first and unique veterinary Open Air Congress for growing professionals in veterinary medicine.

Probably the best place for young vets and final year veterinary students to meet and interchange on international highest level. Get necessary informations about advanced training and further education in equine and small animal medicine worldwide.

Two weekends packed with professional lectures, background informations, networking and get together with international experts of veterinary medicine.

vetcamp talks

The president of the chamber of the veterinarians in Saarland, Dr. Arnold Ludes talks to students

Meet new friends and colleagues, learn more about recent methods and state of the art techniques in diagnostics and therapies, or just enjoy the sun and a very relaxed atmosphere. Feel that real vetcamp spirit, you will have nowhere else.

• Information about different career options in equine and small animal medicine (for final year veterinary students and young vets)

• Meeting with YoungWEVA (The World Equine Veterinary Association)

Fascinating lectures about advanced equine and small animal medicine (internal medicine / neurology / dentistry / surgery / orthopedics, etc.)

• Campsite • BBQ • Live Music • Open Air Disco

…and loads of fun with colleagues from all over the world!

vetcamp at night

Nightlife at the vetcamp: BBQ, Live music, Disco and open air dancing!


The Horse Magazine Septemer 2013

Dr. Hopster, Diplomate ECVAA is talking about anaesthesia

Dr. Klaus Hopster, Diplomate ECVAA is talking about anaesthesia

1st International Equine VetCamp 2013

Young equine vets and students interested in equine medicine attended the 1st International Equine VetCamp in Saarlouis, Germany form the 15th to the 18th of August 2013. Saarlouis is located in the middle of Europe, in Germany close to the border to France and Luxembourg.

This unique open air congress and career orientation days were organized by vetnowledge® and kindly supported by WEVA. Delegates came from Germany, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Romania, Poland, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, but also from countries far away: Syria and Turkey.

A group of turkish delegates with Prof. van den Hoven

A group of turkish delegates with Prof. Rene van den Hoven, VetMedUni Vienna

About 1050 minutes of scientific talks on different subjects of equine medicine were mainly given by diplomates of the European Colleges for Equine Internal Medicine and Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia.

Furthermore young equine vets had the possibility to present cases and small research projects. The European College diplomates and the Vice President of the German Veterinary Chamber gave presentations on career options in equine medicine.

Dr. Bianca Schwarz, DipECEIM and Ambassador for YoungWEVA gave information on YoungWEVA and WEVA as well as the next WEVA congress in Budapest, Hungary.

With temperatures above 25°C, sunshine and a great social programme including BBQ, a local rock band and DJ the 1st VetCamp was a great experience for everybody involved.

The real vetcamp spirit - Relaxed Learning in the sun.

The real vetcamp spirit – Relaxed Learning in the sun.

“Had some super days at the vetcamp. Thank you for all your hard work!! Next year we will all bring many people!!” Ass. Prof. Dr. Cornélie Westermann, Vice President of the ECEIM, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht University, Netherlands

For further informations visit: www.vet-camp.eu

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Equine – Regular Camper Ticket EUR 250.00
Equine – vetcamp 1 Day Visitor Ticket EUR 100.00
Equine – vetcamp Herd Camper Ticket EUR 1,000.00 (Group of 10 Campers)

Small Animal – Regular Camper Ticket EUR 250.00
Small Animal – vetcamp 1 Day Visitor Ticket EUR 100.00
Small Animal – vetcamp Herd Camper Ticket EUR 1,000.00 (Group of 10 Campers)

Equine + Small Animal – vetcamp Combi Camper Ticket EUR 400.00

2014 SPECIAL OFFER: The vetcamp CaterRate
Incl.: 18 Vouchers for 3 Breakfasts, 3 Breakfast Juices, 6 Coffees, 3 lunch meals, 3 BBQ / Dinner meals.


You have always choice between veggie or meat dish, please let us know, if you prefer vegetarian food.

Equine CaterRate EUR 100.00
Small Animal CaterRate EUR 100.00